Pauline Theology

These tapes are the actual recordings of the classroom lectures on 

These tapes are the actual recordings of the classroom lectures on Pauline Theology.  They gather together the precious riches which are ours in Christ Jesus, as members of His body. They form a summation of the complete revelation given to the Apostle Paul as the Christ - chosen Revelator to His church. 

There is a twofold emphasis in the tapes:
1. The real need for the believer to appropriate all of Christ saving work in a life of Victory through the Second Comforter, the Holy Spirit. The fact that a believer may and should be filled with The Holy Spirit - that, in fact, God Commands it - and that a believer will be judged by Christ in the day of Christ for not experiencing in His life, the bring - lug to Spiritual manhood his New Life, born of the Spirit. The new easy believisrn, cold formalism, carnal babyism is an affront to the Precious Father and His Son's "ability to save to the uttermost all that come unto God by Him, seeing He ever liveth."

There is a further need for a criterion, a touchstone, to determine just what is church truth and what is error. The church has always had and now has more conflicting and contradictory teaching advanced with great show of Scriptural proofs heralded as "church doctrine". Is there a real infallible criterion? Paul says emphatically, "Yes". "Revelation of Jesus Christ". (of. II Thessalonians 3:6-14) Paul could state,) "though we or an angel from heaven.., or if any man preach let him be accursed" (Galatians 1:8-9) (This Paul could do on the authority that "A dispensation was committed to his trust" and that "He was Apostle to the Gentiles." Throughout the tapes this great truth should be emphasized, i. e. "Go to Paul's Epistles to get your church doctrine" and "BEWARE of all those who bring unique and startling new interpretations to saddle upon the church teachings, restrictions, ordinances not derived from Paul's Epistles."

We dedicate these tapes to the Glory of our Great God and Saviour Jesus Christ. Nay God bless you in the study and reveal more of His Word to you.


56 Classroom Audio of College Lectures

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Gap due to questions being ask.


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1. Introduction to Pauline Theology

Con't of # 1

2. Introduction to Pauline Theology - Cont'd

Con't of # 2

3. A. Paul's Unique Apostleship
    B. Paul, The Revelation of The Church

Con't of # 3

4. A. Proofs of Our Major Premise
    B. Paul Not of The 12 & Why

Con't of # 4

5. A. God Needed a Different Kind of Man
    B. Not Called or Ordained by The 12

Con't of # 5

6. Paul Was Called by Christ
 Paul's Own Statements

Con't of # 6

7. A. Paul's Unique Defense of his
 Apostleship and Gospel in Galatians Ch. 1

Con't of # 7

8. Apostleship and Gospel in Galatians Ch. 2

Con't  of # 8

9. Some Illustrations of Errors Taught as Church Truth

Con't of # 9

10. Errors Taught as Church Truth, Feet Washing

Con't of # 10

11. Errors Taught as Church Truth, Tongues - Partial Rapture

Con't # 11

12. The Two Gospels of Paul For The Sinner & Saint

Con't of # 12

13. The Mystery of Christ
The Message of The Cross

Con't of # 13

14. The Pauline Authorship of The Book Of Hebrews

Con't of # 14

15. The Internal Proofs Of Paul's Authorship

Con't of # 15

16. Con't Of Paul's Authorship

Con't of #16

17.The Pauline Revelation of The High Priestly Work of Christ

Con't of # 17

18. The MelchiZedek Ministry of Christ

Con't of # 18

19. Paul's Distinctive Doctrines About The Church

Con't of # 19

20. The Mystery Of The Church
A New Creation

Con't of # 20

21. The Mystery of The Church
The Church as The Building

Con't of # 21

22. The Mystery Of The Church
The Church as The Body

Con't of # 22

23. The Mystery Of The Church
The Love of Christ For The Church

Con't of # 23

24. The Mystery Of The Church
The Church as The Bride

Con't of # 24

25. The Church as The Purpose of Creation and Redemption
The Justification of That Plan on Exhibition Forever

Con't of # 25

26. The Nature of The Church on Exhibition Throughout Eternity

Con't of # 26

27. The Mystery of Israel's Blindness

Con't of # 27

28. Warning Against Hyper-Dispensationalism - The Dangerous Result of Ultra - Dispensationalism

Con't of # 28

29. Paul's Distinctive Doctrine About The Believer

Con't of # 29

30. The Mystery of The Believer and Free Grace

Con't of # 30

31. The Relation of Grace to Law -The Inadequacy of The Law  

Con't of # 31

32. Law and Grace Contrasted - The Annulling of Law Under Grace

Con't of # 32

33. The Doctrine of Justification by Faith

Con't of # 33 

34. The Definition of Justification

Con't of # 34

35. The Method of Our Justification

Con't of # 35

36. Paul's Doctrine of The Believer's Standing and State

Con't of # 36

37. Summary - Standing and State Compared

Con't of # 37

38. Identification With Christ

Con't of # 38

39. Habitation of Christ Within The Believer

Con't of # 39

40. Paul's Doctrine of The Believer's Victory

Con't Of # 40

41. Carnal Man - Spiritual Man

Con't of # 41

42. The Two Natures in the Believer

Con't of # 42

43.The Old Man - The Flesh, His Characteristics
The Proofs of The Presence of The Two Natures

Con't of # 43

Con't of # 43a

44. Paul's Distinctive Doctrine of Victory for The Believers

Con't of # 44

45. First Hindrance is Ignorance

Con't of # 45

46. The 2nd is That of Indifference
The 3rd - Of Sin in Our Life

Con't of # 46

47. The 4th is That of an unyielding Vessel
The 5th is Lack of Appropriating Faith

Con't of # 47

48. The Claiming Faith of Ours is Two-Fold
Renouncing The Old Man & Putting on The New

Con't of # 48

49. God's Part Alone
The Indwelling - The Gift - The Fruits - The Baptism

Con't of # 49

50. Being Filled With The Holy Spirit
The Method of The Spirit's Filling

Con't of # 50

51. Infilling of The Holy Spirit
The evidences of Being Filled

Con't of # 51

52.The Gifts of The Holy Spirit

Con't Of # 52

53.The Gift of Tongues

Con't of # 53

54. The Gift of Tongues

Con't of # 54

55. The Laws of Christian Liberty

Con't of # 55

56. Paul's Eschatology 
      No. 1  The Rapture
      No. 2  The Judgment Seat of Christ

Con't of # 56

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