Doctrine of Angels

In the study of the Doctrine of Angels we shall divide the subjects into three divisions, namely; Good Angels, Fallen Angels and Demons.

In this Introduction to the study, it might be well to inquire into the NATURE of angels in general. There is a popular disbelief in the very existence of Angels, including Satan himself. It is counted as very modern to deny their reality of anything above or beyond the realm of human experience. But here as in every other realm of Revelation, the question revolves around a belief in the Bible as the infallible Revelation of God, for the Bible is emphatic in its revelation of a supernatural order of beings in vast number, some righteous doing the bidding of the Father, and others evil and malignant.

Under the heading of Fallen Angels we shall consider both Satan and his angels, as they are united in their rebellion against God. Satan himself is an angel. Probably the highest created being, higher than Michael. the archangel (Jude 9), yet an immeasurable gulf exists between the uncreated self - existing members of the Godhead, and this the chief creation. Cf. Bancroft's introductions, on man's denial of Satan's existence. We will not go into the various arguments denying the existence of Satan, nor the so - called explanations, which are not explanations but denials of personality to Satan. The same explanation deny every fundamental of the Faith. The Temptation in the wilderness of the Lord Jesus Christ shows the reality of the Devil. Christ fought a real person, not an abstraction, or evil thought, or a negation. The fact of Satan's existence is of all evil and opposition to God.

Under the Heading of Demons the Scriptures give abundant proof of the existence of a vast order of spirit beings who are under the control of Satan and do his bidding. Their number may be seen from the fact that a legion indwelt one man or two men of Gadare. The fact of their existence is seen from the personal contact that Jesus had with them in casting them out of possessed persons. He dealt with them as with personal responsible creatures who could understand His commands, could obey them, possessing knowledge saying to Jesus, "We know thee who Thou are" (Luke 4:39). They worshipped Christ (Mark 5:6). They can believe (James 2:19) anticipation to judgment, or have a foreknowledge of impending doom (Matthew 8:29).

We dedicate these tapes to the Glory of our Great God and Saviour Jesus Christ. Nay God bless you in the study and reveal more of His Word to you.


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