Doctrine of The Christ

Christology is the study of the Doctrine of Jesus Christ. This is the most important Doctrine of the Word of God, which follows from the fact that Jesus Christ is the Center and Executor of God's plan of redemption from sin. He is the only Mediator between God and man. (I Tirn.2:5). Everything that God has ever done for man, is doing, or will ever do for man is through Jesus Christ, by Jesus Christ, and for Jesus Christ. Paul gives the sweeping assertion of Christ being the Sum. Total of our redemption and Focal of all of God's dealings with us in Col. 1:13-19. One cannot read this portion without receiving a new impression of the matchless worth of God's dear Son. It places Him far above the puny position which so much of modern theology places Him, and sets Him forever apart and infinitely higher than the so - called religious leaders of the world. He is not another religious leader, He is not another way - shower, (as Eddyism would say), but THE WAY. He is not another expounder of truth, but THE TRUTH HIMSELF. He, Himself, gives meaning to the worship of God the Father by the statement, "No man cometh unto the Father but by ME." (Jn. 14:6). He emphasizes the error and futility of all the other man - made approaches to God by manmade religions in trying to sneak up some other way as "Liars and Thiefs;" (Jo. 10:1-9).

Therefore, all of the teachings of Scriptures which center around Jesus Christ from the most important part of Christian Doctrine. A man may be orthodox to Scriptural accuracy on other doctrines; but if he is amiss on Christology, and the kindred Doctrines of Salvation, he might just as well be wrong on all of them, for he is a lost man and incapable of Spiritual discernment of any of the teachings of Scripture. (I Cor. 2:14).

Theologians usually divide Christology into two natural divisions: First, the Person of Christ; Second, the Work of Christ, but we wish to reserve the Work of Christ for separate consideration under another Doctrine; namely, Soteriology or the Doctrine of Salvation. We shall only consider the Work of Christ here as it throws light upon His glorious Person. Dr. Foster well says, "Christ could have been what He was with-out doing what He did, but He could not ]have done what He did without being what He was." He was God before His manifestation in human flesh, and what He was led Him to what He did to save lost men.

As we shall view the Deity of Jesus Christ, we shall see that all we are able to understand of Theology concerning the Nature and Attributes of God are true concerning Christ. As the Second Person of the August Holy Trinity, He shares the one Nature of the One Godhead in all its fullness. In fact, all that we can really grasp of God the Father is what is revealed in Jesus Christ, the Son of God. " He that hath seen Me hath seen the Father," Jn. 14:9. Is it to be wondered at that the Modernist in his blindness toward Jesus Christ, in robbing Him of His Deity, misses also a just conception of God the Father? It is a good exercise for your soul to keep in mind all the wonderful revelations of Scriptures concerning the infinite attributes of God while studying Christology. The Christ we worship is Almighty God.


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