Doctrine of The Church

The Doctrine of Ecclesiology is the Doctrine of the Church. It is the study of the  origin, nature, constitution, ordinances and activities. We shall confine our consideration to four topics. The origin of the church, the organism of the church, the organization of the church and the ordinances of the church. There is always in the popular mind, the hazy conception of the church as a club, a mutual society of kindred minds and a continual confusing of the church with the Kingdom of Heaven. How often is the aim of the church stated as, "Advancing the Kingdom" and "bringing in the Kingdom," "establishing the Kingdom." Many times making the church a political thing. Men loose sight of the primary nature of the church as a "called out" body of people "for His name", a heavenly people, one body separate from all other men of the world as a unique heavenly bride of Christ. Ignorance of its true nature is also displayed in classifying all the saved of all the ages as "members of the church." Some would even put all the sinners who, like the "mixed multitude" which followed Israel, fasten themselves for one reason or another like parasites to the church as bonified members of the church. We must always see the distinctive nature of the church both as to dispensations and as containing only the born - again. Not an earthly organization but a heavenly organism.

We dedicate these tapes to the Glory of our Great God and Saviour Jesus Christ. Nay God bless you in the study and reveal more of His Word to you.

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1. Ecclesiology - 1

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2. Ecclesiology - 2

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3. Ecclesiology - 3

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4. Ecclesiology - 4

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5. Ecclesiology - 5

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6. Ecclesiology - 6

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