Prophecy 1


There are two fields of Prophecy-fulfilled Prophecy (as upon Jerusalem and the Jews and upon the First Coming of Christ) and unfulfilled Prophecy which is from now to Eternity. Unfulfilled Prophecy is the one we will be concerned with in this course. We will give only a very brief outline of past events such as the First Coming of Christ of which there were 318 Prophecies fulfilled, plus a very brief outline of the Dispensations of the Past, the one we are in now and the one in the Future.

As we deal with Prophecy there is the Telescopic View which hits all the mountain peaks and the Microscopic View which deals with all the details in between. In the Macroscopic View there is much divergency among the great Evangelical Fundamental Scholars but as time passed much as been revealed to us that was hidden in the Word. It is also agreed upon by most of the Fundamental Scholars and Teachers that the Second Coming of Christ is very near. There is nothing to be fulfilled before the Rapture of the Church, it could happen at any moment.


28 Classroom Audio of College Lectures
Sound varies do to a fixed microphone
Gap due to questions being ask.

Prophecy I-1 Con't of # 1
Prophecy I-2 Con't of # 2
Prophecy-I-3 Con't of # 3
Prophecy-I-4 Con't of # 4
Prophecy-I-5 Con't of # 5
Prophecy-I-6 Con't of # 6
Prophecy-I-7 Con't of # 7
Prophecy-I-8 Con't of # 8
Prophecy-I-9 Con't of # 9
Prophecy-I-10 Con't of # 10
Prophecy-I-11 Con't of # 11
Prophecy-I-12 Con't of # 12
Prophecy-I-13 Con't of # 13
Prophecy-I-14 Con't of # 14
Prophecy-I-15 Con't of # 15
Prophecy-I-16 Con't of # 16
Prophecy-I-17 Con't of # 17
Prophecy-I-18 Con't of # 18
Prophecy-I-19 Con't of # 19


Con't of # 20
Prophecy-I-21 Con't of # 21
Prophecy-I-22 Con't of # 22
Prophecy-I-23 Con't of # 23
Prophecy-I-24 Con't of # 24
Prophecy-I-25 Con't of # 25
Prophecy-I-26 Con't of # 26
Prophecy-I-27 Con't of # 27
Prophecy-I-28 Con't of # 28

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