Prophecy 2

The Revelation of Jesus Christ

There are two primary truths emphasized in these tapes. The First, is that the Book is a Revelation, or unveiling of Jesus Christ. This is the most important truth to see in the study of Revelation. We shall emphasize the Sevenfold Revelation of Christ. Verse one of the first chapter gives the purpose of the whole book - "The Revelation of Jesus Christ which God gave unto Him." This follows the statement of Revelation 19:10, "the testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of Prophecy.' The other very important emphasis is upon the method the Holy Spirit has used in the Revelation of recurring over and over again to the same period, to add more details. We call this the "Law of Recurrence" famous to Bible Exegetes. It is seen plainly in the Book of Daniel but has been ignored in the interpretation of Revelation.

We shall use the literal method of interpretation with two exceptions; one where the Holy Spirit indicates, in plain language that the meaning is symbolical; Second where the plain meaning runs into absurdity.

34 Classroom Audio of College Lectures
Sound varies do to a fixed microphone
Gap due to questions being ask.

Prophecy-2-1              Low volume

Prophecy-2-2 Con't 0f # 2
Prophecy-2-3 Con't of # 3
Prophecy-2-4 Con't of # 4
Prophecy-2-5 Con't of # 5
Prophecy-2-6 Con't of # 6
Prophecy-2-7 Con't of # 7
Prophecy-2-8 Con't of # 8
Prophecy-2-9 Con't of # 9
Prophecy-2-10 Con't of # 10
Prophecy-2-11 Con't of # 11
Prophecy-2-12 Con't of # 12
Prophecy-2-13 Con't of # 13
Prophecy-2-14 Con't of # 14
Prophecy-2-15 Con't of # 15
Prophecy-2-16 Con't of # 16
Prophecy-2-17 Con't of # 17
Prophecy-2-18 Con't of # 18
Prophecy-2-19 Con't of # 19
Prophecy-2-20 Con't of # 20
Prophecy-2-21 Con't of # 21
Prophecy-2-22 Con't of # 22
Prophecy-2-23 Con't of # 23
Prophecy-2-24 Con't of # 24
Prophecy-2-25 Con't of # 25
Prophecy-2-26 Con't of # 26
Prophecy-2-27 Con't of # 27
Prophecy-2-28 Con't of # 28
Prophecy-2-29 Con't of # 29
Prophecy-2-30 Con't of # 30
Prophecy-2-31 Con't of # 31
Prophecy-2-32 Con't of # 32
Prophecy-2-33 Con't of # 33
Prophecy-2-34 Con't of # 34

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